Success of Amazon mission

End of 3rd stage of ADAPTATION solo in the jungle


Hostile and dangerous; these two words aptly describe the Amazonian jungle.  The stage has been physically and mentally trying for our explorer who had to maintain extreme vigilance at each step.  The trip turned out to be nearly a 190 miles trip on foot and by raft all the while lugging a waterlogged 120 lbs backpack getting heavier by the day under rains of Biblical proportions.

Operating in total autonomy with temperatures of 75 °F at night and up to 120 °F during the day with a humidity at 93%, Christian Clot had to adapt to survive this beautiful and impressive environment.  Surrounded by a challenging fauna that ranged from caimans to insects of all kinds, the explorer knew to always remain focused.  A few hours after his return to civilization, he gave us this short testimony of his trials:

The Amazon demands the very quintessence of vigilance and deliberate, slow, action.  Of listening more than looking, smelling more than feeling, and of reaching to your sixth and even seventh sense to avoid the bad, silly mistake or the wrong encounter.