One step back

News from Christian Clot



After I was dropped off in the frosty cold of the Verkhoyan Mounts, I got sick and vomited repeatedly from the first day. After assuming a mere intoxication, the hypothesis was reversed when no improvement was felt over the days. In an environment where calories consumption rises to 5000 or 6000, this inability to feed me properly quickly weakened me. This situation involved other errors, the most serious of which was the burn of my sleeping bag, making it unusable.

N’étant pas encore éloigné de ma zone de dépose, j’ai pris la décision de revenir en arrière, afin de me soigner correctement et remettre en As I was not far from the starting point, I decided to come back to health properly and fix my material. Yakutsk does not have sufficient medical facilities for parasitic research (a “recollection” of the Amazon seems the most likely path to explain my condition) or equipment manufacturer, and not wanting to bring members of the team ADAPTATION (who immediately offered to come to help me), which is contrary to my principles, I took immediately a plane to Paris with a clear goal: to resume as quickly as possible this last step of Adaptation.

So I started a little challenge in the challenge: getting as few days as possible to pass the necessary exams and getting enough care, a new Russian visa, finding a sleeping bag (the kind I need cannot be find in a local shop) and others, in order to leave as soon as possible. To motivate me, I took from Iakutsk an A / R with return to Russia on this Saturday.
In any case, I intend to make sure that this event remains at this stage, and that a rapid departure to continue this last stage rejects it to the rank of simple adventure. It is simply unthinkable for me not to go to the end of the set ADAPTATION alone!

Be sure that I do absolutely everything to start again as soon as possible but in good health, a sine qua non condition to face the very harsh conditions of extreme cold.

Very soon for more news,