A World First

Christian Clot, researcher-explorer, recently completed the trek across the Verkhoyansk Mountains in Siberia, concluding the solo section of the ADAPTATION Expedition



Last August, Christian Clot started with the crossing of the Dasht-E Lut desert, the hottest and driest land on Earth, and the first segment of the ADAPTATION Expedition.  He continued without pausing with successive trips through the fjords of Chilean Patagonia (coldest and wettest climate on Earth), in the Amazonian jungle (one of the hottest and wettest part of the World) and, finally, across the Siberian Verkhoyansk Mountains (2nd coldest and driest climate on this planet).  Never have there been back to back successive treks across these four environments.  To top it off, the feat was made even more arduous by carefully selecting the worst (or best depending what you’re seeking) time of year at each of the location; that is when the respective conditions were at their most extreme.  Each of the crossings were done alone, in pure isolation, with no way to communicate with the outside world.


The Verkhoyansk Range of Siberia kept all of its promises.  For nearly one month, Christian trekked nearly 180 km (113 mi) while enduring temperature down to -58 °C (-72 °F) with wind chills exceeding -70 °C (-94 °F).  This glacial world leaves no room for errors.  The trek took Christian over a dangerous frozen river, where all of his concentration was required to avoid falling into treacherous crevasses opened by the warmer water beneath the ice.  And, despite the numbing cold, each action had to be carefully planned for survival.  Nonetheless, the explorer doggedly pushed forward, successfully completing the mission.  He even managed to scale a few of the nearby peaks on the way.


The truly outstanding aspect of ADAPTATION lie in the scientific research conducted by the explorer.  In spite of the debilitating cold that, literally froze his computer from the get go, Christian still managed to perform the planned scientific experiments, recording the results in his notebook.  This invaluable information complements the MRI and other medical tests done before his departure and after his return.  Such medical examinations were performed before and after each segment of the expedition.  The scientific protocols have been specifically developed for the cognitive studies performed during ADAPTATION.  This too, is a world first!  Now, the time has come to bring it all together, analyzing the data collected during each trek.  The results will show the extent of the influence each of the climate has had on Christian, both on physiological as well as on his cognitive functions.