Training for Mission-20 has begun !

officiel start in the swiss Jura




In 2016-2017, explorer-researcher Christian Clot made a solo expedition into the four most extreme environments on the earth, 30 days each. The aim was to carry out the first scientific studies on the human adaptabilities capacities in real conditions; and this, more specifically on the physiological evolutions of the human brain. This work, conducted by the Human Adaptability Research Group in partnership with several laboratories and scientific groups, validated the research protocols in this type of situation and confirmed the feasibility of the project. The book “Au coeur des Extrêmes “published by Robert Laffont in May 2018 retrace the different phases of this world first.



thanks to the strong results of this first experience, Christian Clot is ready to lead the second phase of ADAPTATION: 4X30 DAYS, MISSION 20 which will confront a joint group of 20 people in the extreme environments that he first crossed alone. The group will be subject to identical protocols, however expanded in several areas. In late summer 2019, this group will leave to cross successively the Dasht-E Lut in Iran, the hottest and driest place in the world, the marine channels of Chilean Patagonia, the coldest and most humid place, the Amazon Brazilian with the warmest and most humid climate before concluding with eastern Siberia, which has one of the two coldest and driest environments.
A cycle of 30 days of crossings, with about two hours of protocols per day in situ, in addition to travel, and 30 days between each step, to conduct additional laboratory studies and rest, will be imposed.



Selection and preparation of team members : a long process.


In 2016, the call for applications was launched to find the future participants of this extraordinary project. After a selection process of 2 years, they are today around 40 to remain in the final pool to be part of missions 4X30 DAYS MISSION 20. It is with them that officially begins today the preparation phase, planned over a period of one year.
They are between 25 and 45 years old, are in good physical and mental health, but without prior experience of the communities in question. Coming from different european countries, the candidates come from civil society. Farmer or doctor, without sports practice or ultra-trailer, unemployed or entrepreneur, all social tissues are represented.
During this first weekend of preparation, teammates will have to make a journey in autonomy and without equipment in the region of the Vallée de Joux (Jura Switzerland, VD) over a period of 30 hours.
They will then begin a sports and technical training over several months that will allow Christian and his team to select the 20 team membres who will leave to complete the 4 planned crossings.



© Photos  : Bruno Mazodier / Adaptation