« ADAPTATION » 4×30 days in the Extremes

From August 2016 to February 2017, explorer-researcher Christian Clot successfully crossed the four most extreme environments of the planet.

Each of them was crossed alone and within 30 days in order to study the human cognitive and physiological adaptability against changes. This movie aims to share this unique project.

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Training for Mission-20 has begun !

In late summer 2019, 10 women and 10 men will embark on the largest research expedition ever conducted on the human capacity to adapt to change: 4X30 DAYS -MISSION 20, directed by the French-Swiss explorer Christian Clot. It was in Jura Switzerland that the official preparation of the future team mates began on the 22nd and 23rd of September, with a first weekend of training.

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Success of Amazon mission

Christian Clot just arrived from the Amazon jungle in Brasil where he crossed the most humid and hot place on the earth for expedition ADAPTATION.

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3rd stage of the solo expedition in the Amazon jungle

The Amazon rainforest is considered the lungs of the plant, yet it is rapidly reducing in size due to deforestation. It remains the hottest and most humid area of the planet; an obvious destination for this expedition.

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