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scientific team

Main Scientists and scientific team members

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    Etienne Koechlin

    Pr. Responsible for cognitive studies

    Etienne is a former student of l’Ecole Polytechnique, a Doctor of Sciences from the Université Pierre et Marie Curie and Research
    Director of INSERM, founder and director of the Cognitive Neurosciences laboratory of l’Ecole Normale Supérieure.
    His research looks at the psychological mechanisms for mankind’s judgment and decision-making faculties, and how the brain’s functions confer such adaptive abilities. This work has led to major advances in our understanding of these human
    A laureate of several scientific awards, recognised worldwide as an expert in his field, cited in the top 1% of neuroscience with over 4100 citations, his works have been published in the most prestigious scientific journals.

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    Dr. Stéphane Besnard

    Responsible for"physiology in extreme environments" studies

    Stephane Besnard (MD, PhD) is Associate Professor of Physiology at the University of Caen and School of Medicine and Neurophysiologist at the University Hospital of Caen since 2007. He is a member of the INSERM U1075 COMETE directed by Prof. Pierre Denise. He received his MD in 2002, his PhD in Neurosciences in 2008 and his Habilitation à Diriger des Recherches (HDR) in 2013. He has experiment in the field of Physiology, Neurosciences, Neurophysiology on human and animals. He received grants from National French Agency (ANR), from NASA, CNES and from French Polar Institute for program in physiology and medicine in extreme environment; from pharmaceutical laboratory (SANOFI-AVENTIS), from federation (ANTADIR), from Fondation de l’AVENIR and from Regions (Poitiers and Basse-Normandie) supporting programs in Neurosciences. He has on-going collaboration with Dr Elefteriou (USA) and Prof. Smith (New-Zeland) and Prof. Blottner and Dr Stahn (Germany). He is director of the medical commission of parabolic flight and expert of independent committee of biomedical research in France. He serves a reviewer for several international journals and was guest Editor for Frontiers in Integrative Neurosciences. Since 2010, he was involved in 10 clinical research programs (PHRC) as co-investigator and 2 as main investigator. He is at the head of the medical commission for parabolic flights, and he supervises research on Astrolabe vessel on motion sickness. His current topics are the vestibular system in cognition and physiology as well as scientific supervisor of a program of validation and development of a Head Tracking System with STARNAV Company.

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    Dr. Carole Tafforin

    Responsible for social sciences studies

    Carole is scientific director at ETHOSPACE : a Research and Study Group in Human and Space Ethology, as non-profit company.

    The objective is to investigate expertly evaluations and to advice public or private organizations carrying out research programs relevant to human activity and/or to space utilization and optimization. The company also proposes an original and non invasive approach baed on the ethological methods, for a better understanding of the human behavior in interactions with the environment. It contributes to giving behavioral explanations and predictions on the performances.

    The aim is to analyse the strategies of the individual in new, particular and unusual situation or environment which can be observed, described and quantified by measuring motor motor activity in order to evaluate the quality of his/her adaptation.
    The company applies its expertise to answer issues regarding life, wrk or leisure in diverse spaces, regarding the improvement of election, learning and training techniques and regarding simulation contexts exploitation

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    Olivier Archambeau

    Responsible for geographical studies

    Olivier is geographer and Professor at Université Paris 8, and is member of the CNRS research
    unit: LADYSS «Laboratoire Dynamiques sociales et recomposition des espaces ». He specilizes himself in scientific expeditions in remote and difficult to access places.
    He is president of Société des explorateurs français since 2006.

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    Katia Dauchot


    Specialist of the stress and fear management, Katia studies mostly motivation and adaptation. Researcher for the LNC and associated with several research, she will run the studies about stress under extreme environements.

  • Benoit Mauvieux
    COMETE/INSERM Team, Chronobiology specialist


    Benoit Mauvieux

    COMETE/INSERM Team, Chronobiology specialist

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    Margaux Romand-Monnier

    PhD student in neurobiology

    PhD student in neurobiology biology, her work focuses on the links between the different neural systems, especially cortical and ventral. She will work on this specific field.

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    Technical team for body sensors

    CSEM, Swiss Center for research and development (private & non-profit), advises and accompanies the industrial players in their innovation process. Thanks to its close ties with the academic and business circles, CSEM plays a key role in technology transfer in Switzerland and abroad.

    For over 20 years, CSEM developed with ESA, among others, health surveillance systems. These wireless technologies, ultra-low power and miniaturized to the extreme are precisely those who, embedded in smart clothes sensors will now allow Christian Clot measure his vital signs. The skills acquired in the control and monitoring of physiological parameters make the CSEM a key partner in the field of health, sport and wellness.

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    Pr. Luc Mallet

    Research psychiatrist, ICM


  • Martin Hitier
    Lecturer and Hospital Practionner


    Martin Hitier

    Lecturer and Hospital Practionner

  • Marie-Laure Bocca
    Association Professor at Université of Caen Basse-Normandie.


    Marie-Laure Bocca

    Association Professor at Université of Caen Basse-Normandie.

  • Gwenaëlle Huet
    ITRF Technician


    Gwenaëlle Huet

    ITRF Technician

operational and Expedition's team

Coordination, logistics, organisation, fieldwork

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    Jeremy Roumian

    Head of Operations & Partnerships

    For several years, Jeremy works on the concept of exploration. His taste for discovery and curiosity led him to realize several exploratory journeys but also to carry out research studies on expedition logistics. He specializes himself in the operational support of missions and exploration projects. He plans, organizes and coordinates the various 4X30 days expeditions.

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    Melusine Mallender

    Responsible for Video | Field coordination

    Melusine was first wardrobe master before starting to travel around the world during journeys and humanitarian missions. For ten years, she realized several expeditions alone or in groups in countries with a negative image in our eyes. His experience of human management and field will help scientist and the group to be prepared to field experience.


Media and press team

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    Grégoire Chéron

    Press relationships for TV and radios

    Heliom is an agency created in January 2015 by Gregoire Cheron. Heliom specializes in assisting adventurers and explorers in the preparation and promotion of their expeditions.

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    Bruno Valentin & Julien Pannetier

    Iconographic content management

    Geographers and photojournalists, Bruno Valentin and Julien Pannetier have founded ZEPPELIN in 2008. They work to bring back reports as testimonies. From Bay of Bengal to the Aiguille du Midi, from the monks of the Grande Chartreuse to the officers of the Navy, they sign all their images Zeppelin.
    Their stories are distributed by Michel JOURDREN their agent and he pictures by news agency SIPA
    PRESS. In June 2010, Bruno and Jlien have received the International Media Award.
    Found of Bangladesh, Bruno and Julien have developed a sold network there. Bangladesh has become a second home. In 2011, they found an association with Bangladeshis photographers. Their work are diffuse by Zeppelin Network.

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    Lucas Santucci


    First agronomist and photojournalist, Lucas joined the team of Under The Pole as the manager of partnership and logistic.  He embarked on an 18 months expedition to Greenland in the promiscuity of a sailboat.  There, he established himself both as terrestrial and underwater photographer.  After documenting 9 months of sailing that led to 80° North, Lucas had to winter trapped in the ice, a few kilometers from a village of 200 inhabitants, mainly fishermen-hunters.  As part of this project, he joined the Zeppelin Network agency and decided to become a professional photographer.  The extreme conditions endured in the Arctic are a test of discipline and patience that forgives no errors, human of otherwise.  It is now one of the few photographers with such an extensive experience in underwater and land photography in the Arctic.

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    Florent Guerrini

    Website administrator



Logistics, organisation, fieldwork

  • Geneviève Littot
    Volunteer coordination


    Geneviève Littot

    Volunteer coordination